6 Jun 2012

Graphic Novel: A New Tool to Help Younger Canadians Understand and Navigate Online Privacy


Graphic novel Cover: Social Smarts: Privacy, the Internet and You

The Privacy Commissioner has launched a new tool to help young Canadians understand and navigate privacy issues in the online world: a graphic novel entitled Social Smarts: Privacy, the Internet, and You.

The story follows Dave and Amy, a brother and sister who walk into their new school only to find that students they’ve never met before know all about them from their social network pages.

Guided by a talking smart phone, Dave, Amy and their classmates learn how their choices affect their reputations. In the end, they gain a better understanding of both what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’ and how to reduce the privacy risks associated with social networking, mobile devices, and online gaming.

Copies of the 12-page graphic novel – a first for our Office – can be downloaded from our website and printed.

The graphic novel complements a youth video, parent tips and a presentation package for educators released earlier this year.

To download a copy of the graphic novel, visit: youthprivacy.ca/en/gn_intro.html

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